Caladh Inn Garry Room Meeting Setup, red chairs set around centre training area.

Discover versatile event spaces at the Caladh Inn

Welcome to the Caladh Inn, where we offer a diverse selection of function spaces tailored for your meeting, conference, course, or exhibition needs. Whether you aim to host a theatre-style event for up to 200 attendees or plan an intimate meeting for ten, the Caladh Inn provides comprehensive facilities to meet your requirements. Benefit from our extensive experience in successfully hosting meetings, conferences, and tradeshows for a diverse clientele. Our commitment to creating flexible and adaptable spaces ensures your event's success.

Explore our range of catering packages, available at an additional cost, to enhance your experience. Conveniently situated on the first floor of the hotel, our banqueting and conference rooms offer easy accessibility, complemented by a passenger lift for added convenience.

Garry Ballroom Meetings and Events

The Garry Ballroom - Ideal for large size events

Elevate your gatherings with The Garry Ballroom, an expansive function space boasting a seating capacity of 200 in theatre style or accommodating up to 160 guests for a dinner setting. Located on the first floor, this spacious ballroom is perfectly tailored for larger events, providing a comfortable ambiance with the added advantage of natural light streaming through 'light well' windows.

Equipped with a low (15cm), permanent stage measuring 6.8 meters in width, The Garry Ballroom provides an ideal platform for speakers to captivate the audience. Discover the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality for your next grand event at The Garry Ballroom.

The Croft Suite - Perfect for medium size events 

Discover the adaptability of The Croft Suite, an ideal venue accommodating approximately 70 in a theatre-style setup or around 50 for intimate tabled meeting or private meal. Tailored for smaller corporate gatherings, training sessions, or family celebrations, this versatile space offers a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

Access to the Croft Suite is facilitated through a private lounge area, featuring cosy and informal seating and coffee tables. For added convenience, the lounge also offers an optional private bar, available if desired.

Meetings desk setup

The Tonga Lounge - Small size events

Elevate your intimate gatherings with The Tonga Lounge, a multifunctional space initially designed as a bar and lounge area for the Garry Ballroom. However, it is equally adept at hosting standalone events, catering to small meetings of approximately 15 people when arranged in a conference-style table setting. This versatile space is perfect for smaller training groups, one-on-one sessions, interviews, and private parties.

Situated just off the Garry Room, The Tonga Bar/Lounge features a convenient sliding divider. This feature allows for seamless integration of the two rooms if desired, creating a dynamic and flexible environment for your events.

Download materials for meeting and conference planning

Access the planning materials for your meetings and conferences in the form of a PDF file. Simply click to open the document in a new window, where you can conveniently save or print as needed.

Caladh Inn Business & Meeting room floor plans