Traditional Scottish island weddings at the Caladh Inn, Stornoway

Your journey begins when you meet your Personal Wedding Planner at the Caladh Inn, where flexibility is key. We avoid confining you to set menus and arrangements, ensuring a stress-free journey in organising your wedding reception. Embrace the joy of planning while we handle the intricate details, tailoring every aspect to your desires.

Whether envisioning a grand banquet with 150 guests dancing to a live band or an intimate celebration for a dozen loved ones, the Caladh Inn provides the perfect setting. Our dedicated staff strive for excellence, offering impeccable service, efficient dining experiences with restaurant quality cuisine, and a variety of menu choices to suit your preferences.

Under the applicable law, the Caladh Inn and its banqueting suites hold the designation of an 'Approved Place' for a civil marriage. This means you can not only host your wedding reception but also choose to exchange your vows at the hotel. Your wedding day becomes a seamless blend of legal ceremony and celebration, all within the hotel.

Experience and expertise

At Caladh Inn, our success is rooted in the expertise of your dedicated wedding planner and our accomplished banqueting team. We pride ourselves on a meticulous approach, focusing on every detail to bring your wedding vision to vibrant life.

Throughout the reception, our wedding management team takes charge, ensuring seamless execution and adjusting schedules to match the rhythm of your special day. We are committed to orchestrating a flawless experience, guiding the proceedings on your behalf.

Should you desire your wedding planner to assume the role of a master of ceremonies, addressing your guests and introducing speakers, it would be our honour to contribute to the memorable moments of your celebration. Trust Caladh Inn to not only meet but exceed your expectations, creating a wedding day filled with joy, warmth, and perfection.

Tailored Wedding packages

At Caladh Inn, we offer an array of wedding packages designed to accommodate various budgets and preferences. Choose from comprehensive packages that cater to the diverse needs of each wedding couple. If there's a specific element you desire that isn't already included in our packages, simply let us know. We're committed to making your vision a reality, and if it's feasible and fits through our doors, we'll gladly help provide it!

When you're prepared to take the next step in planning your special day, reach out to us at 01851 702740. Schedule an appointment for an initial, no-obligation discussion about your wedding plans. Let us embark on this exciting journey together, tailoring every detail to create a truly unforgettable celebration tailored to your dreams.

Wedding setup and centre piece

Personalise your celebration

At the Caladh Inn, we appreciate that the finer details make your wedding uniquely yours. If you have a vision for crafting your own reception decorations, we welcome and encourage you to infuse the event with your personal touch. With extensive experience hosting numerous weddings, we can offer valuable insights into practicalities and entertaining ideas.

We recognise the significance of granting you the flexibility to shape your own timetable, free from rigid schedules. Together, we will engage in open discussions to mutually decide on the seamless integration of each element of the reception. Consider your wedding day as a blank canvas for your creativity, and rest assured, we're dedicated to offering support to enhance your vision and create a celebration that is both distinctive and unforgettable.

Explore our wedding resources

Discover valuable insights and guidance in our comprehensive wedding brochure, crafted to assist you in planning your special day. Linked below, you'll find a wealth of information covering various aspects of weddings at Caladh Inn. We've thoughtfully included menus and prices for suggested packages to streamline your decision-making process. Remember, your wedding is unique, and we welcome the opportunity to customize menus and other aspects to align with your individual preferences.

Please click the link below to access the PDF files, conveniently opening in a new window. Feel free to save or print these documents as you embark on the exciting journey of planning your dream wedding with Caladh Inn.

Caladh Inn Wedding brochure